Included with the purchase of every Carrera Caravan is a total of 5 years total of warranty. During the first 12 months initiating from collection day the manufactures warranty is active, from years 2-5 the AWN C2 4-year nation-wide warranty is active.

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All components fitted to Carrera Caravans are covered under their own respective warranties, to ensure the correct supplier/manufacturer is contacted and proof of purchase can be provided, our warranty support team will assist you through the process.

Complied below is a list of some of the applicable components. Please note this is not a complete list of all components that may be fitted to your Carrera Caravan.

Fridge, T.V/DVD Player, Air-Conditioner, Oven, Cooktop & Griller, Rangehood, Toilet, Hot Water Unit, Microwave, Inverter, Water Pump, Stereo, Slide-Out Kitchen, Fans, Washing Machine, Dryer, Battery Management System, Gas Heater, Diesel Heater, Mattress.

Prior to the delivery of a Carrera Caravan, we have meticulously checked the componentry, structure and build quality of each caravan throughout the manufacturing process and also in the form of a pre-delivery inspection. By completing this inspection regiment, we aim to eradicate any issues that could arise with our Australian made caravans prior to being delivered to our customers.

The assessment of any claim must be first approved by the dealer the caravan was purchased through prior to any warranty works being commenced. Once contacted our warranty department will review the claim. A determination will be made on whether a manufacturing defect has occurred and a response including an outcome will be communicated accordingly. In the event of a warranty claim being identified as a manufacturing fault or defect a repair will be completed.